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The Locust / Melt Banana "Split" 7"

"A split release of massive proportions, this new 7 inch pairs 2 of the most volatile and original bands to emerge from hardcore punk in the last 10 years. Tokyo's Melt Banana (2 songs) should be familiar to anyone with a taste for the extreme, having released God-knows-how-many albums and singles on the likes of Skin Graft, Slap a Ham, A-Zap, HG Fact and others. The Locust (5 songs) are virtually a household name these days - suffice it to say a lot of kids will be chomping at the bit to get their filthy paws on this. It's also the band's first release as a 4-piece and the difference is remarkable - the 'blastbeat' now more of a form of punctuation than the whole basis for a song. Full color artwork by Sam McPheeters (Born Against, Men's Recovery Project) that will bring a smile to your face and a tear to your eye."



Genocide Superstars - Superstar Destroyer


Danny Violence (vocals / guitar), Mieszko (vocals / guitar), Richard A.D. (vocals / bass), Matt von Superstar (drums)

Grindcore band formed during 1994 by guitarists Danny Violence and Mieszko, the latter of NASUM repute. The NECRONY and NASUM credited Richard A.D. handled bass. GENOCIDE SS evolved into a balls out Rock n' Roll band GENOCIDE SUPERSTARS for their third 2003 album 'Superstar Destroyer'.

DivShare File - genocide_superstars_-_superstar_destroyer.rar

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Book Of Black Earth - "The Feast" [2006] [20 Buck Spin]

"After seeing these guys live in 2006 I immediately jumped on this album. These guys are new, but, hands down, some of the best black metal I've ever heard. Not only that, but they're extremely unique as well. It's definitely not the same old black metal you always hear. I can't wait to hear more albums.

For this album, the production is surprisingly great. Everything seems mixed very well, and I can hear everything on a comfortable level. The first track of this album, "May Your God Deny You," is one of the strongest tracks. It jumps right in with a killer riff behind TJ's very well-executed vocals, and doesn't stop. In the next track, Occult Machinery, we hear more of Joe's awesome drumming, with some emphasis this time on the killer double-kick action. In my opinion, the riffs in this song aren't quite as catchy as the first, but they still suit the song perfectly. Let Us Worship The Dead features the first atmospheric intro of the album. It's very creepy, and Book Of Black Earth's real black style comes through when the unaccompanied vocal intro kicks in after a few seconds. They're so rough and black that it truly makes me want to go slaughter some Christians. The only downside to this song is it's shorter-than-usual length. I think this song could be even better if they continued it into a huge epic masterpiece.

Serve The Adversary is a slower song, but still evokes a strong sense of power and emotion with crunchy riffs, and more funeral doom droning vocals than what can be heard on the previous songs. Next, however, Agents Of Destruction comes back right in with the faster style riffs as a nice refresher. Although this song is less catchy than the others, in my opinion, it's still nice to have in there as a transition out of the feeling Serve The Adversary brought on. After this breather, one of the highlights of the album comes in. In Hatred And Misery begins with some of the most epic riffage yet on the album, cluing in to the awesome song that's coming. It's the longest song on the album, and filled with tempo changes and all the elements that make Book Of Black Earth amazing. The most notable parts of this song are Joe's drumming, Jeff's bass work, and the overall atmosphere and feeling of it. The Dawn Of Industry concludes this amazing album, and begins with an epic riff similar to that of In Hatred And Misery. The vocals in this song, I think, are the best on the album. They're mixed so they're not overpowering, but sound great with the rest of the music. Also, Hank's keyboard work stands out in this track possibly a bit more than the others, and sounds great. About a minute and a half into this one, also, we're greeted with about a 30-second drum breakdown that is both impressive technically, and incredibly brutal." Metal Archives Review

1.May Your God Deny You05:02
2.Occult Machinery03:29
3.Let Us Worship the Dead01:41
4.Serve the Adversary05:00
5.Agents of Destruction04:14
6.In Hatred and Misery06:32
7.The Dawn of Industry03:56
Total playing time29:54

Battletorn - "Terminal Dawn" LP [2007] [MATW Records]

"Now this blasts, this is so damn raw, need to check I still have some skin left – screaming bloody messy road accident of a raging blasting rip crunching hardcore thrash band (and an album wrapped in a dreadfully bad hand drawn cover – so bad that it may well be perversely nostalgically good – nah,just very bad). Limited edition of 500 so it seems. Sixteen short sharp audio assaults and some beautifully raw D.I.Y violence, sixteen raw bleeding relentless tracks, all of them clocking in at around a minute each. They appear to be a two piece guitar and drums thrash-a-thon, they're from somewhereville UsofA (not big on details this bunch) they sound like they should have been playing classic hardcore thrash crossover crusty punk gigs in front of raging pits somewhere in 1983 sixth of the bill to CroMags and Larz Rocket. Hang on seems like they're from New York, met in the basement of a porn shop or something (I went surfing). They're raw, it blisters, a beautiful DIY mess that's bursting with attitude and early D.R.I meets Hellbastard aggression, I love it (you'll probably hate it), wooooooaggghhhhhhhhhhh, metal thrashing gooooooood" The Organ - issue #205

01 Battletorn - Cutthroat 00:48
02 Battletorn - Spent 01:13
03 Battletorn - Crusade 00:52
04 Battletorn - Blindsided 00:57
05 Battletorn - White Sirens 00:46
06 Battletorn - Reigns 00:29
07 Battletorn - Throne 00:45
08 Battletorn - Terminal Dawn 01:01
09 Battletorn - Beyond 00:42
10 Battletorn - Savage Pressure 01:05
11 Battletorn - Damage 00:20
12 Battletorn - Silent 00:52
13 Battletorn - Inhuman 00:41
14 Battletorn - Headbreaker 00:46
15 Battletorn - Intense Warfare 00:49
16 Battletorn - Last Attack 00:59

Total Playing Time : 13:05 min


Nicole12 - "Braces" 7" [Freak Animal Records]

"NICOLE 12 is the criminally underrated project of noiser Mikko Aspa, who runs under several names, including the fabulous Grunt noise unit and Kvlt Black Metal acts Clandestine Blase and Deathspell Omega. This is a great little 7" of Power electronics, broken synths and dark lyrics about perversion, deviant behavior and your sister's braces. ! woo hoo!
It's a common theme for noisers, but nobody pulls off the same level of atmosphere or deviance. Bleak, filthy, and generally damaged. Throbbing beats, walls of sound, and sexual deviant preaching over the top!!!
Check his stuff out."


In The Spotlight (2:57)
Dozen Summers Behind (2:36)
Braces (3:06)
Nippon Lolita Substitute (1:06)

Combat Wounded Veteran "What Flavor is Your Death Squad Leader" 7'' [Schematics Records]


We sounded really bad at first, then we sounded better, then we didn't want to be in a hardcore band anymore. Isn't that always the case?

For the seven years Combat was around, we only were together in a practice room, at a show or in a studio together for a total of five months. After all was said and done we had two vocalists, two bass players, five guitar players, two drummers, one apperance by Jimmy Reese, one Hammond organ player, one remote control player, one inner band fist fight, one flirtation with Latin percussion and two solid instances of Norris insulting people's dead parents in a live setting.

NO we still do not want to be on your tape comp with Ulcer, Agathocles, Unholy Grave and Capitalist Casualties. NO we don't think we sounded like Charles Bronson or The Locust. YES we have seen Sam McPheeters artwork. And most importantly, NO WE ARE NOT BACK TOGETHER.

Combatwoundedveteran Members are currently doing these things
Norris is still running art services through Steak Mtn.
Radde is in the band, Guiltmaker
Ponch is in the band, The Holy Mountain
Hamacher recently participated in voiceover duties for the recent REFUSED IS FUCKING DEAD (DVD) on Epitaph" http://www.myspace.com/combatwoundedveteranband

1 Plastic Bullets Are So '84
2 I Hope You Get Cancelled
3 I Gotta Slingshot, Wanna Get Hurt?
4 The Rise of a Thousand Prosthetic Limbs
5 What the Hell
6 Shit 3:16
7 Also Comes in Red, Orange, and Fuck You
8 Disembowelment at Room Temperature
9 Black Hair Dye, Aisle 6
10 Jane You Ignorant Slut


Drugs of Faith -- s/t [Selfmadegod Records]

"This surging power-trio featuring an ex-member of Enemy Soil was formed in 2002; after a couple of demos and a compilation appearance, this is the band's first official full-length release. If the cover art conjures up visions of punk and hardcore, well, there's a good reason for that... but the hardcore approach is frequently blindsided by a serious inclination toward hyperactive grindcore, which makes for an interesting and wildly unpredictable listening experience. I'm not seriously down enough with hardcore / punk (to put it mildly) to comment much on that aspect of the band's sound, but their grind is of the soul-crushing variety, and they get bonus points for having a female bassist in a genre (either one, take your pick) notable for being testosterone-heavy. When they veer more distinctly into grind territory, they can be intensely heavy, especially during the slow parts of "Burning." The punk and grind influences are bridged by a heavy fondness for dissonance and unpredictable tempo shifts; the result is a sound that never stays the same long enough get boring. Heavy, heavy stuff, too. I'm sure their lyrics are real insightful and stuff too, but frankly, I care a whole more about the pummeling drums and grossed-out hyperspeed bass flatulence. A crushing mix of punk and grind that's worth your listening time." www.monotremata.com

Never Fail The False War No Sense Of Occasion An Ode To Those Unwed Burning Fuller's Prediction So Be It Eyes Closed


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dystopia live at ungdomshuset, 1-11-2000

dystopia live on kfjc

dystopia & skaven split

dystopia - human = garbage

dystopia - the aftermath




Baroness - First EP

First EP


From Savannah, GA''s Baroness incredibly heavy, incredibly technical and just completely amazing. Everything from thunderous stoner riffs to full on d-beat thrash aggression. Try to imagine the fury of Tragedy and the talent of Fucking Champs and you''re getting close. A three song ep clocking in at 18 minutes and it doesn''t let up until its over. Produced by Phillip Cope of Kylesa.

1. Tower Falls
2. Coeur
3. Rise

From Ashes Rise - Nightmares [2003]

Pisschrist - Distort Melbourne (demo) and Nothing Has Changed [2006]

d-beat holocaust.

Goblin's Suspiria is tense, spooky, darkly melodic Italian progressive rock circa 1977. This mostly instrumental album has a palpable sense of dread that takes the listener for a dark and twisted ride. I mean it's just creepy, and unlike most soundtracks Susperia succeeds as music that can be enjoyed separately from the film. In other words it's not background music. The compositions are top notch, the musicians are virtuoso level and there is a lot of timbral variation. Bells, assorted percussion, marimba, guitar, drums and some spooky keys are used effectively to set a properly disturbing mood in compositions that range from the atmospheric to the odd and almost jazz-like. Unusual and interesting.

Track Listing
1. Suspiria
2. Witch
3. Opening to the Sighs
4. Sighs
5. Markos
6. Black Forest
7. Blind Concert
8. Death Valzer
9. Suspiria [Celesta and Bells]
10. Suspiria (Narration)
11. Suspiria (Intro)
12. Markos [Alternate Version]


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Gayrilla Biscuits - the demos 7", and Youth of Togay - Want More Guys 7"


Depending on who you are you could either think that this is a funny idea, or a complete idiotic one. Being one that admitadly laughs at low-brow humor I think this is hilarious. This band re-records eight 80's hardcore classics like "Flame Still Burns", "Straight Edge", and "True Til Death" and change the lyrics to be about homosexuality. For example, the classic Bold song "Nailed to the X" becomes "Nailed in the Ass", with lines like "I'll shoot gizz in your eye until your blind." If you are into any of those old 80's bands and aren't some up-tight PC hardcore kid, you'll probably find this funny and worth hearing. The Project X parody cover is hilarious. There were only a few hundred of these pressed, I think all of them were on appropriate pink vinyl, so good luck in getting your hands on one of these masterpieces.

"Flaming Ass Still Burns"
"Get Hard"
"No Homosexual Surrender"

"Nailed in the Ass"
"Gay til Death"
"Fags Like You"
"Gay Edge"

Zack "Gay la Rocha"
Mike Fudge
Dan o'Gay Mahoney

hardcore for the hardcore shouty youth crew songs about gayness.
"i mean, does it make me gay that i suck a dick?"

some scaryéire

10 victories
25 o'clock in the morning
dole q
lost for words
r u a friend
rev it up
that's no good to me

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Epätasavalta - 2 EP's


EP 1

EP 2

Another one-man project from Finland... enjoy.

Municipal Waste - The Art of Partying [2007]

here you go!

otesanek -demo 2002

demo of Philly's finest doom titans who went on to put out a two song ep on Electric Human Project, and more recently a split LP with Japan's COFFINS on Parasitic.This demo is slightly crustier than the all-devouring vacuum that is their later work, but still essential for fans of extreme heaviness.Prepare to shit yourselves.
Otesanek is Dead.Long live Otesanek


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Defeated - Circus Maximus

Defeated (Finland)

Doom/sludge, or whatever you want to call it. First 4 songs off this album. The rest of it to be uploaded if there's interest. Sorry about the large file sizes(!). One-man project, recorded between Nov. 2006 - Jan. 2007.
Download it here.

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Oi Polloi - Pigs For Slaughter

This is a great 'best of' album, pure gold.
Unite! Fight! Together, we can reach the light!

Poser Disposer - You Don't Count EP [2003]

This is Poser Disposer's debut five song recording from 2003. Residing in Saskatoon, SK (Canada), they play grinding hardcore-thrash with a trio of brutal vocals, thick guitars and pummeling drums.

For those of you who don’t know, Poser Disposer features Mike and Kramer from the now legendary thrash band DFA. Since DFA has been laying low for the past little while, you’ll just have to mosh to Poser Disposer instead. Taking their previous work ethic from the DFA days and knocking it up a notch, Poser Disposer’s latest release is the “You Don’t Count” 7” ep, released on clear red vinyl.

The fact that a Saskatoon band is releasing their shit on vinyl is reason enough to get this. The guitars are lovingly technical, heavy and fast but what really hits you is the inhuman drumming. Sometimes verging on a more traditional hardcore punk sound, other times ripping it up with blast beats, drummer Stevie Morari is not only technically sound, he is one of the most entertaining people in a band you will ever see. All three members contribute to the groin-grabbingly shredding vocals, making for one of the most thrashingest records that has ever come from this town."

- chrix morix, threeohsix.org

Saturday, 12 May 2007

Knife Fight - Crisis

"Crisis" is the final recording by these Southern California legends featuring 10 more songs of their signature style of hardcore. It's loud, fast and it rules! Recommended if you like hardcore, punk, or power-violence. Featuring members of Lifes Halt, Annihilation Time, Carry On, Shark Attack, GSMF, and about a million others.


1. Held Back
2. Lies
3. Live Your Life
4. Two Face
5. Public Acceptance
6. Fight
7. Consume
8. Leech In My Side
9. Apathetic
10. Crisis


unknown kbps / MPEG

Trap Them - Sleepwell Deconstructor

Barring three seconds of feedback, "Sleepwell Deconstructor" wastes no time in assaulting your eardrums with a wall of detuned guitars, distorted vocals and punishing blastbeats. The album barely gives you time to breath through the crushing and at times intricate riffs, politically and personally charged lyrics and lightning-fast drums on songs like "Garlic Breakfast", "Collapse And Marathon" and "[...] As Punk". The one brief respite is the Isis-like "Destructioneer Extraordinaire", which slows the pace but not the intensity. The production fits the songs like a glove...a spiked glove that is. This album is tight, loud, angry and highly recommended


The Funeral Orchestra - Feeding the Abyss [2003]

The Funeral Orchestra - Feeding the Abyss (Aftermath Music/Eternal Dark Productions)

"The sound of no hope.

Sickeningly heavy, lysergically slow and totally hypnotic doom with a reverberating low end that will be heard for centuries as it makes its way through the cosmos. Apocalyptic Trance Ritual Doom Music indeed. This and Unearthly Trances' Season of Seance, Science of Silence will be in a dead heat to make Hellride Music's 2003 Top Five Albums for Ritual Sacrifice at the end of the year.

The Funeral Orchestra are the last word in cult doom, preferring to compose and perform under a shroud of mystery. They don't identify themselves, and take the stage wearing only form-covering habits and eerie reflective masks. Their website says so little about them that I'm not even sure in which part of the dark recesses of Northern Europe they reside.
Out of the ten tracks here, only "Worship" falls short.... a brief funeral organ-driven piece with the sound of female weeping in the background. A little too over the top for these ears. But the rest of the album is magnificent... mostly guitar-driven hymns paying homage to the God of Slow, interspersed with oddly menacing synth and atonal vocals, with no hint of groove or breakdown.

If total, oblivion-licking doom is your thing, don't miss out on this release."
- Chris Barnes, HellrideMusic.com

note: the weeping lady track is indeed quite silly. but overall this is probably good music to play loudly if people you don't really like have slept on your floor and won't leave, it will hopefully create an oppressive, uneasy atmosphere and drive them out.

drip (pre eyehategod) - learning about manners demo


"horrible incoherent smackhead music"
- guy 1 on StonerRock.com forum

"it is indeed wrecked, incoherent, smack head music. Great stuff!"
- guy 2 on StonerRock.com forum

"Last known line-up:
Mike Williams (Eyehategod, Outlaw Order, Arson Anthem) - vocals
Jim Bower (Eyehategod, Down, Superjoint Ritual, ex-Crowbar, Sourvein, Corrosion of Conformity, The Mystick Krewe Of Clearlight) - ?
Brian Patton (Eyehategod, Soilent Green, Outlaw Order, Nuclear Crucifixion (US)) - ?
Ross Karpelman (The Mystick Krewe Of Clearlight, Christ Inversion, Down) - ?
Kyle Thomas - Bass
Tommy Buckley - Drums

Former/past member(s)
Glenn Rambo - Live Vocals(ex Nuclear Crucifixion, ex Soilent Green)

Additional notes
Guitarist Jimmy Bower, a seasoned veteran of EYEHATEGOD, SUPERJOINT RITUAL, DOWN and CROWBAR, had been jamming with organ player Ross Karpelman and EYEHATEGOD vocalist Mike Williams in the 1990 band SISTER MORPHINE, later entitled DRIP.
The musicians recorded the 6-track demo in 1991 or 1992. All tracks are untitled! However the demo contains Deep Purple's ''Smoke On The Water'' cover."

Deathspell Omega - Si Monumentum Requires, Circumspice (2006)




- some guy on amazon.com

Hellbastard - In Grind We Crust (1998)

Hellbastard - In Grind We Crust: http://www.divshare.com/download/625057-8c6
"The 16 track album from the recently reformed band captures their grinding hardcore songs-DeathCamp/Pylons/Nazis Killed /Afrikkaan Beggar etc-plus the later metal stuff.Combining anti-fascist politics with a ferocious new form of punk inspired grinding hardcore music HELLBASTARD emerged from the late 80s punk/metal crossover scene alongside NAPALM DEATH and EXTREME NOISE TERROR.Formed after a SUBHUMANS gig and inspired by the ideals of CRASS and music of SLAYER they were once described by Kerrang magazine as the "poorest band on earth".Vocalist Scruff was previously in London punk band The Apostles but left to pursue his preferred musical path.Hellbastard and their fans were an alarming sight,but the massive wall of guitars which characterized their early music shows they were ahead of their time."

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Bad Brains: Build A Nation

Bitrate: 320
Format: MP3

Track Listing:

1. Give Thanks And Praises
2. Jah People Make The World Go Round
3. Pure Love
4. Natty Dreadlocks 'pon The Mountaintop
5. Build A Nation"
6. Expand Your Soul
7. Jah Love
8. Let There Be Angels (Just Like You)
9. Universal Peace
10. Roll On
11. Until Kingdom Comes
12. In The Beginning
13. Send You No More Flowers
14. Peace Be Unto Thee


Thursday, 10 May 2007

Cry Now, Cry Later - Volumes 3 & 4

"VARIOUS ARTISTS: Cry Now, Cry Later Voumes 3 & 4 (Pessimiser Records) By: Jeb Branin This is the second CD (the first being Volumes 1 & 2 naturally) re-release of the classic double 7" comps called "Cry Now, Cry Later." This is for those of you not into vinyl (shame on you) or those who just missed the boat the first time around. These comps were/are masterpieces. The most extreme of the extreme are featured. If it's noisy and ferocious you should be able to find it here. My favorites from these volumes were/are CROM, CAVITY, EXCRUCIATING TERROR, CHARLES BRONSON, SPAZZ, NOOTHGRUSH, and plenty of others."

1 Man Is The Bastard - Faces Of The Man
2 Lack Of Interest - Wasted Effort
3 Soilent Green - Build Fear
4 Loomis Slovak - The White Rose Faction
5 Crom - The Riddle Of Steel
6 Crom - The Head Of Tulsa Doom
7 Crom - Anvil Of Crom
8 Crom - Cigarette Death - Dehumanizers
9 Crom - The End Is Near
10 Crom - Trilogy
11 Crom - Tree Of Woe
12 Excruciating Terror - No Edge
13 Cavity - Angelrust
14 Flame Retarded - Boarkkkiller
15 Agathocles - Hormon Mob
16 Suppression - Vacant
17 Divisia - Clive
18 Carol - Raw Abstraction
19 Spazz - White Glove Test
20 Los Crudos - Escupiendo En Tu Propia Cara
21 Gasp - Sore For Days
22 Halfman - All Gone
23 Noothgrush - Gage
24 Charles Bronson - 4 Alarm Counter Fuck
25 The Locust - Red
26 Detestation - Searching For Oblivion
27 Abnegation - When The Smoke Clears (Bonus Song)
28 Seven Foot Spleen - By The Pound (Bonus Song)
29 Agoraphobic Nosebleed - Pigs Smell Fear (Bonus Song)
30 Agoraphobic Nosebleed - Fuck Your Soccer Mom (Bonus Song)


Nuclear Death - Vultures Feeding [Demo 1988]

"Nuclear Death were formed on March 23, 1986, by Laura Bravo (vocals, bass), Phil Hampton (guitar), and Joel Whitfield (drums). Their first demo, Wake Me When I'm Dead, was released later that same year, receiving positive reviews from American and overseas zines. They were notable as at the time very few thrash metal artists had female singers. Their second demo, Welcome to the Minds of the Morbid, followed in 1987, on the back of which Nuclear Death signed a contract with Richard Campos from Wild Rags, a record label, fanzine and record dealer in California.

In 1991, the band released their more controversial work, entitled Carrion for Worm, containing many songs considered to be in bad taste, such as "The Human Seed", "Lurker in the Closet: A 'Fairy' Tale", and "Greenflies". Carrion for Worm featured vocals by Chris Reifert, singer from popular death metal band Autopsy, on two songs, "Cathedral of Sleep" and "Vampirism".

On May 23, 1992, Nuclear Death played a notorious concert in Puerto Rico, with label partners Impetigo. Later that year they released For Our Dead, a four-track single containing a rerecorded version of 1987's "The Third Antichrist" from Welcome to the Minds of the Morbid.

After the break-up of Nuclear Death, Lori went on to form a new band, Raped, in 2002, and Phil Hampson and Joel Whitfield joined Eroticide."

Noothgrush - Failing Early, Failing Often, and Erode the Person

Failing Early, Failing Often: http://www.divshare.com/download/612171-c12

first discography release

"One way to appreciate music is to understand the meter, or "time," it is performed in. For example, it might be "2/4 time," or "3/4 time" or "4/4 time." In the case of NOOTHGRUSH the music is performed in "geological time." That's right, this is the band whose riffs are so plodding that continental drift, by contrast, appears downright hasty. Calling this music "slow" is like calling The Beatles "moderately successful"-it's a definite understatement. "Failing Early, Failing Often" is a posthumous collection of many (most? all?) of the early recordings from these seminal and cranium-cracking lords of sludge. It includes songs from several comps, their Slap A Ham 7", their split with BLACK ARMY JACKET, and their "Kashyyyk" demo; which to this day remains one of my favorite slowcore releases ever and is still able to undermine the structural integrity of any building it is played in. Obviously influenced by bands like GRIEF, NOOTHGRUSH, however, remain an unmistakable and vital band whose audio carnage will be sorely missed (rumor has it the band was forced to disband by the government who was tired of getting seismic readings in the 6+ range every time NOOTHGRUSH played). In addition to all that, they are the only band I have had a conversation with that included the words "Chewbacca action-figure-holding bandolier." "

2nd part of two discog releases

"They do more than PLAY sludge. They ARE sludge. Everything about this band oozes and crawls. Their music is as punishing and it is precise as it is plodding. Lyrically they take concepts and ideas that in the hands of lesser artists may seem silly (Star Wars) or overused (hate and loathing) and they discover existential sociological and philosophical insight. Y'see there are only a handful of really stellar sludge bands around and NOOTHGRUSH are among the best."
- Jeb Branin, inmusicwetrust.com

Asshole Parade - Student Ghetto Violence


"A most brutally convenient collection of every fucking song these ultimate grind terrorists have ever recorded. No shit, included are the tracks from their Palatka LP, the Lhighve 8-inch, their Self Titled 7-inch, that stupid split 6-inch with Tres Kids, the split 7-inch with Ansojuan, and their demo tape, as well as their cuts from the Possessed To Skate, Reality Part 2 and Southeast Hardcore."
- Interpunk.com


jazzy tokyo skate thrash

"Most hardcore bands these days try to spice up their bland songwriting with tired metal riffs and waves of heavy droning. BREAKfAST outshines them all by subtly mixing in bits of funk, along with the sensibilities of oldies, with the type of hardcore punk that stopped being cool 10 or 15 years ago. BREAKfAST's singer Morimoto carries a skateboard onstage while performing, and, with song titles like "Ollie" and "Stalefish," it's easy to tell that these guys are all about skateboarding."
- Bob Vielma, Keikaku.net

Warhorse - As Heaven Turns to Ash


Review by: Robwrong (StonerRock.com)
Southern Lord Recordings
Release date: available now

Bellowing the low throttling tones and pure doom...WarHorse. You are all in for one hell of a shin-dig when you go see these guys live on tour with Electric Wizard. Warhorse is one of the heavier serious doom bands out there right now, and the stuff is heaaavy...

Hardcore vocals over the top of some of the more bluesy psychedelic riffs off of Sleep Vol.1. Very drone like at times but not so boring that it makes you fall asleep, but trance style riffs for sure that are tuned down low and chugging along like a Yacht going up a waterfall...like a big truck loaded down going over a mountain pass.

The riffs are very classic, but scary as hell. End of the world like for sure, and strong to the point. I am mostly impressed with track no. 3 'Black Acid Prophecy"... It starts out with a classic riff that is present throughout the songs in various forms...very prog-rock doom... Somewhere between King Crimson and Candlemass if that makes any sense... Pink Floyd...The Melvins...The Heavy-Prog-Psychedelic stuff, and yet perfect next to Electric Wizard...I can't wait.

You hardcore doom fans check out this record for sure. It is full of on the average 8-10 minute songs; all are very epic and seem to tell a story in its entirety. A good classic release from Southern Lord and it's safe to say if you like the label- you will like this band.

Coffins - The Other Side of Blasphemy


Review from Decibel Magazine

The cover of Coffins' last album, Mortuary in Darkness, depicts a naked lady on her back in a cemetery, one of her legs held up by a bone-winged demon who's gnawing on her severed arm. Another demon lurks in the background with a bloody machete in one hand and a spine (with the skull still attached) in the other. Plus a few inverted crosses. The cover of The Other Side of Blasphemy has another unclothed woman spread-eagled in front of a demon. On this one, she's nailed to the ground with crosses and our guy is holding the demon baby he has obviously just ripped out of her womb. Oh, and there's a burning church in the background. This demon is bigger and clearly higher-ranked in the demon hierarchy than the Mortuary guys. In D&D, Blasphemy Demon could once per day summon 5-8 (1d4+4) of the Mortuary Demons; in a video game, he'd be a middle-of-the-game boss, and eventually you'd just kill the smaller ones for power-ups.

As a man with word count limitations, I'm happy to report that the albums are pretty much the same deal: The Other Side of Blasphemy is a meaner, more damaging big brother to Coffins' previous records. A t-shirt scan pulls up Hellhammer, Corrupted, and Grave, and the Tokyo trio nails the good parts of all of them. The tempos rarely rise above a crawl, except for the Frosty gallop in the first half of "Evil Infection," with "Destiny to Suffering" wallowing in the deepest sludge for seven-and-a-half minutes. It's still less muddy than Mortuary, and the slightly brighter recording gives Blasphemy an occult flamejob assisted by the increased presence of lead guitar. Which makes the melodic and triumphant (but still doomy as hell) instrumental "Rise" a surprising closer. I like to assume that it's the demon who was triumphant, and that he's flying the demon baby off to his even bigger master, where he'll be trained in demonic arts involving naked ladies and the saga will continue. —Anthony Bartkewicz

Wednesday, 9 May 2007

Yellow Swans & Birchville Cat Motel - Split LP

Hahaha.. The cover looks like wallpaper rather than an album cover.. Anyway..

Important have made a career out of being on the ball and that's exactly where they are with the release of the first collaboration between California (by way of Portland)'s Yellow Swans aka Pete Swanson and Gabriel Mindel Saloman/GMS and New Zealand's Birchville Cat Motel aka Campbell Kneale. Though the art for this release looks archetypal of Kneale's tacky wallpaper slipcases for CDs released on his own Celebrate Psi Phenomenon label, this one actually comes in a cardboard gatefold replete with interior artwork courtesy Kneale himself. Both the tracks here were recorded in New Zealand in 2005 in person - Yellow Swans don't do no mail-order hook-ups. It's the real deal or bricks, brother.
If you twisted my arm until it hurt I would probably have to tell you to stop, and then say that in the tango of these three gentlemen, Kneale leads on track one and the Yellow Swans take the helm during track two...that's just the kind of vibe I get. "Terminal Saints" is the first one, and at half an hour long it's more than a stomachload. For the most part it's tinged with the kind of shrieking, supernova guitar calls that Kneale has come to make his signature, backed all the while by fringy spiked electronics and vocals from the Yellow Swans duo. At times Kneale's guitar sounds like something really rusty and huge like a massive church bell or something being swung back and forth, and at other times like a brilliant purple gamma ray from outer space, and still yet like the feeling of melted white light sliding down your throat. Gabe and Pete meanwhile spurt out lots of harsh, drawn-out and burnt homemade-electronic zig-zagging, like you know they do effortlessly by now.
"Marble Carcass" is the other, shorter piece but at 21 minutes still isn't an easy pill to swallow. It starts off angrier and messier than the other piece, with Kneale adding all sorts of psychedelic squiggles over the Swans' ferocious din, sounding the closest to a "Love and Noise"-circa C.C.C.C. as I've ever heard, maybe like a 21st century version even. They even ratchet up the noise quite a bit and get to a sound somewhere between several steel chains being stuck in a blender and a barfing robot. Hell yes. Safe to say this tune reminds me a lot more of the "psychic" side of the Swans than the first one, although I think I preferred "Terminal Saints" more if I had to pick. It's just so much more immediately...identifiable, I suppose.
Cool disc on the whole, and it'd probably appeal to fans of both genres though I'd categorize the sound as being "Yellow Swans with a BCM influence" rather than the other way around. It's all good though, and all tiding me over until the much anticipated/dreaded Birchville Cat Motel/Matthew Bower slobberknocker drops...when-the-fuck-ever that'll be.

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Yellow Swans & Birchville Cat Motel - Split LP: http://whatisntcharity.files-upload.com/files/174121/Yellow_Swans_And_Birchville_Cat_Motel--S.rar